fall welcome weekend is finally over and now i have free time holy shit sitting down without needing to go anywhere never felt so good

also my first years are precious, hopefully they’ll be a fantastic group by the end of the year

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 when kookie realised the camera was on him

when kookie realised the camera was on him

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zico - tough cookie. [x - l.]

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do you ever hear a line in a song and it’s just so painfully clever you just sit there in shock for the remainder of the song

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All moved into college again

Time to start my EG training :D I can’t wait for the first-years to move in on Thursday so I can meet the little 小树们 to show up and I can see who I’m mentoring

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Guys, please read my extremely NSFW Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic told from the perspective of Groot here.

I don’t normally rec a lot of PWP, but wow. Stop what you’re doing and read this, you won’t regret it!


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Mint (Tiny-G) nominates Taeyang for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

*NOTE: Mint mentioned multiple times that she is a fan of Taeyang

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A Deadpool movie in which….


….he bumps into the Stan Lee cameo in the movie and just goes down on his knees and goes “oh my god, It’s God, and he’s dressed as a school crossing guard”!

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There's no backing out now T.O.P ʘ‿ʘ